Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

Superquick Update - Oh Noes: My VA has a few days of vacation!!

philippinesJust joking, it's actually a good family reason he has, and he has deserved a break for all the awesome work he does.

Did I mention that in the meantime, he manages yet another virtual assistant (transcriptionist from the Philippines, actually) for me?

So he is a hiring manager too, now. Killer-awesome.


What is the problem if my VA takes a few days off? No problem really, only that on my own, I rarely get any work done :D

Will have to bite the bullet and do some work on my own. It's actually a good thing I am not too dependent on the productivity of my one virtual assistant.

You should always be able to figure out how your business would survive even if you are not there any more.

Peace and out.

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