Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

I rented out my Virtual Assistant

I did a fun experiment yesterday. My GF needed something done, so...

...I rented her my virtual assistant.

My take home message: a VA might be useful for most people, but the threshhold to hire one oneself is pretty high - at least here in Germany.

It just feels too "weird".

Well, if you ask me: I don't care how weird it might be to others!
Fuck Time Art Work
It gets the job done for me and saves me hundreds of hours of work.

(Over four thousand hours until now, to be more exact)


What I decided: I'm not going to try to convince sceptical people into hiring a VA and becoming massively successful. That's wasted energy.

Only teach those who are open minded enough to jump on this innovative train.

Timothy Ferriss
Timothy Ferriss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Well, perhaps not so innovative any more. Who knows how many years it has been since Tim Ferris has written the 4 Hour Work Week Book!

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