Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

I plan on outsourcing my job research to help me find a job faster even if it's just a day

To be honest, I am fed up of writing dozens of application letters and not getting many job interview invitations back. The times may be hard but damn it - I'm running out of time and patience!

As I take hours daily to research firms and enterprises for job opportunities, I decided: I am going to outsource this whole job research.
At a job interview
At a job interview (Photo credit: Arroz y Asado)

This does not mean I am going to let someone else apply for me.

No, that would be very bad and will bite me in the arse someday.

What I aim to get outsourced is the actual research of
  1. Where are all those enterprises?
  2. Do they have job opportunities?
  3. What is the contact information?
Then, my job will be simply to call, write and apply on each of those positions.

Because I am looking for positions in Germany, outsourcing the process might be a tad tricky for English-only-speaking virtual assistants.

But at least it's a fun challenge!

I believe there is much to gain from this project, namely finding a job faster - even if it's just by a day.

Nobody will be able to say: I didn't try everything!

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