Freitag, 1. Juni 2012

Working together with a virtual assistant that does transcription work for me and orders my thoughts

Yesterday I experienced serious writer's block. Nothing unusual for me.
Writer's Block
Writer's Block (Photo credit: Elemento Zeca)

My solution: "call up" my virtual assistant. Actually, I didn't really call, but just used an application from to record a message.

I was 1.5 hours long..! But at least it got me over my writers' block.

Simply telling what projects I was thinking about, how I wanted items be ordered, while dictating pieces and parts of future articles for transcription was surprisingly easy.

I was very eager to find out that my VA had successfully worked through the gibberish to yield some nicely polished stuff to work with.

This essentially replaced my writing work with a polish-and-put-the-best-stuff-together work. Which is way easier.

Writer's Block: 0 - Virtual Assistant: 1

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