Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

Is outsourcing just impossible to do ethically? Should I give up?

Until now, I was pretty much excited 100% about making a site about outsourcing. Recently, I run into a pretty serious and spririted debate, with the result that I should not do it.

Decision Making Skills When it Comes to Outsou...That was disheartening. I planned on this site for almost half a year. I have tons of value to share. I really meant well, I really did.

But still, there is a risk that I might do some damage that I cannot undo. What if I support bad stuff when doing outsourcing?

In the end, I'll be accountable. Even if I only wanted someone to send me the weather daily or answer emails. Or anything.

Is it as bad as I think now it is?


There is NO way I'll give up without a fight. I'll find the way to blog about outsourcing. Effectively and ethically.

And when the success comes, all the critics will know better.

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