Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Planning the hell out of my new site

Using Site Build It, I plan my monetization potential for my new website about outsourcing. Unfortunately, the tool that says how profitable each keyword will be, Adwords, gives me different answers depending on if I use a german or english Gmail account.


But training my virtual assistant goes along well - he is very throrough - and we get many tasks done on my old website, too.

As soon as he "gets" the CMS, the content management system, of SBI, I will let hell loose and rework my old site to increase its potential - greatly.

There will be

  • an advertise here site
  • direct selling of ads to interested partners instead of google (with preformed email templates for my VA to use)
  • a donation page
  • more cool ebooks
  • perhaps some cool podcast
  • the money can be reinvested in prices for the best stories

and the list of improvements is endless.

Oh yeah and I'll audit the heck out of each and every site to make everything shiny and nice :)

There is only one risk:

If my VA jumps off the ship without warning, my efforts would pretty much be screwed.

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